William Berry is a psychotherapist and teaches at Florida International University. His area of interest is substance abuse and individual happiness. I think when people have never had experience with addiction themselves or through someone close to them, they have this picture that’s in the movies of someone living in the streets or whatever it is. But I graduated from a private high school, I immediately went to college, and then I graduated college, and I always had a good job.

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When things seem to be going down hill, you must remember that bad things happen to people all the time. That includes not becoming a victim to life’s circumstances. It’s not hard to see why people get more done when they’re sober. When you’ve got high energy levels and lots of free time, it’s easier to stay focused on work, school, and personal projects. It’s easy to down a lot of empty calories with just a few drinks.

How do your emotions change while you get sober?

When it seems like all you want to do is forget, to go get high or drunk and be gone, if only for a few moments, remember what addiction’s cost you. Remember what life was like when every moment was chaos and unmanageable. Remember how family and friends wouldn’t return calls or didn’t trust to leave you alone. And you’ll remember what you’ve got to fight for.

A guide to what to expect when you stop using substances

You can always improve how you fare in sobriety by looking at where you can improve your quality of life. The other people next to you at group therapy sessions and support group meetings being sober sucks all have experiences that can help you. They want to be there for you when you are struggling. If you are hungry, even if that is not your main issue, get something healthy to eat.

The Downside of Sobriety

These substances tend to be the most dangerous and uncomfortable to quit. Achieving a year of sobriety is a big accomplishment that deserves celebration. Many people report feeling happier after the first year. At this point, you have successfully coped with your cravings and dealt with stress without relapsing for a full year.

Sometimes, it is the little things you may not realize are having a significant impact on your ability to cope. You are not a slave to your emotions or your addiction. You can choose to sit where you are for a moment, assess, and figure out a way forward.

What Is Sobriety?

This is certainly a common view for many who spend time in AA. The prosecution rested Friday in the Hunter Biden trial, in which he faces three federal charges tied to the possession of a gun while using narcotics. The felony gun charges stem from allegations that Biden lied on a firearm purchase form about his sobriety. He has pleaded not guilty in a trial that is the culmination of years of investigations into the president’s youngest son led by a number of pro-Donald Trump Republicans.

Clean Injection Sites: Surprising Benefits of This Treatment for Addiction

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