Cost Accounting Definition, Principles, & Importance

Standard costing is a technique where the firm compares the costs that were incurred for the production of the goods and the costs that should have been incurred for the same. You decide if the cost is direct or indirect, and if the cost is fixed or variable. Project accounting is a type of ABC […]

Your Guide to Restaurant Bookkeeping Toast POS

As you grow you will have to continually modify your bookkeeping system to meet your needs. POS systems connect every point of your business – from inventory to sales – and can integrate with accounting packages like MYOB and Xero. This means you can easily pull reports for specific periods (day, week, month, year etc.) […]

How To Manage a Restaurant Balance Sheet: Tips + Template

You have to balance day-to-day management of front  of house operations with back of house matters. Plus, you have to keep track of finances to ensure how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant that your business is successful. If numbers are not your thing, reading and understanding financial statements can seem like a daunting task. […]